“Where is the child I was?

Is it still in me or gone?

… when will the butterfly read what is written

on its wings in flight?”

(Pablo Neruda)

We had already filmed some days in Menton and in the mountains with two mountain bikers. One last missing shot literally fell into the water due to an approaching thunderstorm. Our actors had to leave in the evening. As an emergency solution, we had to shoot a view on a street from a high altitude location. When we turned on the camera, two mountain bikers were riding down the road – they were wearing blue and yellow jerseys. Just like our actors, who were already back in Paris.

Picasso once wrote, that there is creativity, but it has to find you in the work. I think that if we show imagination, flexibility and constancy, the creativity of the film people can also be helped by luck. You shouldn’t rely on that. So my motto is, you only lose when you give up.

Documentaries about historical subjects are my special passion. As a graduated historian, I combine profound historical knowledge with many years of experience in documentary film as a screenplay writer and director.

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