The Historiathek

Over the last 20 years, the production company zb Media has collected a large historical archive of films and photos. I recommend this carefully edited archive, the Historiathek, and can support enquiries on many historical topics with research services.

With a variety of high-quality and carefully curated content, the Historiathek covers a wide range of historical topics, including politics, culture, society and technology. From historical recordings of important political speeches to moving snapshots from wars and everyday scenes from past decades, the Historiathek offers a rich selection of material that helps to bring history to life.

Thanks to its extensive collection, the Historiathek provides access to valuable historical resources not only for historians and researchers, but also for the general public. The website makes it easier for visitors to search for specific topics or events and be inspired by the fascinating images and film footage.

Photos and film footage can be licensed directly on the site for professional use.

Whether for academic research, journalistic work or simply out of personal interest in history, the Historiathek is a useful resource for anyone interested in the past and its fascinating stories