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A French cameraman friend of mine filmed whales in the Pacific. How much longer will we be granted such images? Plastic is spreading in the oceans. Again and again we read about new bad news. Just a few weeks ago, another one of these magnificent animals was found dead with tens of kilograms of plastic waste in its belly. Every second whale now has plastic waste in its stomach, according to the WWF.

No civilisation without intact nature

People, it is true that we humans are in the process of destroying all that is the source of our joy, happiness and culture! And that for often banal, trivial but pleasant achievements of our modern civilisation. What has grown into unique beauty over millions of years, this wonderful garden called nature, is being thoughtlessly destroyed in front of us, one of its supposedly most intelligent species. In exchange of the meadows for concrete and bitumen, of the forests for the joyless prefabricated buildings of the industrial estates, of the gardens for the draughty high-rise housing estates of the modern cities, of the lakes for the asphalt roads of the motorways, of the trees the plastic world of the supermarkets.

The great dying

The insects, the birds, the fish, the whales are dying. The ark called Earth is emptying, the greatest species extinction is underway. It will take us down with it if we don’t…. yes, if we don’t.

I don’t know why, but the images of the whales made me think of Pachelbel. I find the combination of the animals’ movements with the rhythm of baroque music remarkable. The divine exists within us and animates the things of the world. Let us listen to this voice. Let us act now. Let’s stop telling ourselves that everything will somehow work out without us changing our lives.

Already two million people have signed the WWF petition for a binding UN convention to fight plastic waste. You can sign here.